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If you have ever played Solitaire then you will love this game that gives you the chance to test your skills and hopefully win some money. The aim is to return as many cards to the four foundations as possible with just three passes of the pack. You will win payouts for every card that you return and if you manage to return all 52 then you will win the huge top payout.

How to Play 3 Card Solitaire

Before starting a game you first need to set your bet. This will be based upon a card price, the card prices range from 0.02 up to 10, so you can bet anything from 1.04 up to 520 per round. When you set the bet you will also be shown the Win Rate, this is the amount you will win for every card returned to the foundations. When you have set your bet click on ‘Deal’ and 25 of the cards are dealt randomly into seven column stacks from left to right. The first stack has one card, the second has two and so on, until the seventh, which has seven cards. The cards are dealt facedown, except for the top card of each stack, which is face up. The remaining cards in the pack are face down in the stockpile at the top left of the screen. At the top right you will see four empty spaces and you need to return all 52 cards there in order from Ace to King by suit. The first card to be placed on an empty foundation stack must be an Ace. Each time you place a card in a foundation you will win a payout according to the win rate. The column stacks can only be built downwards in descending order and by alternating colours. For instance, the 5 Spades, 4 Diamonds, 3 Clubs, 2 Hearts. Only a King, or a stack that starts with a King can be placed on an empty column stack. When you click on the stockpile of cards three are drawn at a time. While you can see all three cards you can only use the top one. If you move it from the stockpile to a stack or foundation then the card underneath it becomes available. This way you can progress through the entire stockpile. You can pass through the stockpile a total of three times before the game ends.

3 Card Solitaire Payouts

You will win a payout of 3x your chosen card price for every card that you return to the foundations. This means that if you return all 52 cards then you will win a payout of 156x your card price.

3 Card Solitaire Special Features

To help you play, if a card can be brought down from the stockpile then an arrow will highlight it, ensuring that you don’t miss the opportunity. Other special features include the ability to change the deck patterns and the colour of the table.